Mediterranean Villas


Antisamos Beach

Antisamos famous beach is only 7km away from the Villa: a spectacular beach surrounded by impressive verdant hills, with turquoise-blue, crystal clear water ideal for snorkeling. Water sports on offer.

Fiskardo Village

Fiskardo is a picturesque fishing village situated right at the far North of the island and is one of the few villages not to be destroyed in the earthquake of 1953 (ferries/boat trips to Ithaca/Lefkada sail from here.


Enjoy daily boat cruises from Sami to Ithaca.

Drogarati Caves

Drogarati Caves, situated about 2,5km from the villa are stalagmatic caves thought to be 150 million years old. The acoustics inside are so good it hosts concerts, where there is room for an audience of 500 people.

karavomilos Lake

Karavomylos lake, 6km from the Villa is another fantastic place with a friendly tavern looking across the sea to Ithaca.

Melisssani lake

Melissani Lake 7 km from the Villa: again situated just outside Sami, is an underground cave with a lake where you can be punted around in a rowing boat. When the sun is overhead around midday it hits the turquoise-blue waters, creating a magical illusion and suddenly filling the cave[…]

Myrtos beach

A 20 min drive from the villa is the renowned ‘Myrtos’ Beach (white sand and pebbles, blue-turquoise waters), voted one of th  best beaches in the world.

St Gerasimos monastery

St Gerassimos Monastery is at the heart of the island and the interior of the church is decorated with breathtaking murals. Saint Gerasimos is the patron Saint of the island and his remains are kept in a small chapel in a silver and glass sarcophagus. The ferry to Zakynthos sails[…]

St. Gergios Castle

Built on a 300 m high hill, and 7 km from Kefalonia’s capital Argostoli, Fort St. George, or “The Castle” is a major tourist attraction. The Castle was built during the 13th century and rebuilt by the Venetians after the 15th century. The Castle also offers a superb view of[…]