Mediterranean Villas

St. Gergios Castle

Built on a 300 m high hill, and 7 km from Kefalonia’s capital Argostoli, Fort St. George, or “The Castle” is a major tourist attraction. The Castle was built during the 13th century and rebuilt by the Venetians after the 15th century. The Castle also offers a superb view of the area and nearby villages.  The Fort St. George, or “Castle” as it is known today, was the only populous city of the island from the Middle Ages until 1757. In 1815 a school was founded there by Lord Guildford (while the island was under British rule). Inside the castle, apart from the house of the Venetian commander, there were also military, public and commercial buildings. The Castle has an area of 1600 sq m, and 600 m perimeter walls overlooking the hill and it is open to visitors all year round.